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Well, once again I was unable to attend the CHRR.  It looks like I missed a helluva Meet!  All reports that I've heard say that the 20th annual CHRR was the best yet.  Maybe next year?

I want to express my thanks to Dean Court, Bob Snyder, and Paul Hutchins for all the terrific photos you'll see here...all 2100 or so...and for the other 2500 that didn't make the pages!    Thanks guys, you did a wonderful job!


I sincerely hope everyone enjoys all the great pix!


A/Gas Qualifying


A/Gas Eliminations




Geezer Gassers






Altereds & Comps

These cars ran in a few different classes, from Exhibition to 7.0 Pro.

  Fuel Altereds  
  Old Style Altereds  
  New Style Altereds  
  Comp Coupes and Roadsters  

Pits & People & ???




Funnies & Fuelers

Since this is primarily a door car site, I elected to forgo covering the Dragsters and Funnycars.  For coverage of the Fuel cars, I suggest going to Don Ewald's site at wdifl.com  



Host Hotel


The Mazmanian "Football"


One very cool Transporter