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Several members of the Gas-FX group have some pretty stout pieces. Here, in no particular sequence whatsoever, are a few samples.

Warning...if you have a competitive personality, viewing these pictures could prove addictive and cause you to run out a spend a BUNCH of money!

Lew Stitely
Mark Benjamin
Bill Carroll
Dave Facey
Scott Hasko
Ted Brown
Larry & Wanda Blanchet's 40 Willys
Dave Heston's 39 Chevy Vietnam Tribute Gasser
Mick Coyne's Model A Pickup & 41 Willys
Bob & Sherry Balogh's 40 Ford coupe
Steve Kelly's 55 Chevy
Jack "The Bear" Coonrod's new 33Willys Roadster
"Dyno Dom" Blasco has a few pretty cool Willys
Jeff Labas
Labas Automotive

David Holman (Australia)
Vince Bayarinas Byron, here is a pic from about 5 years ago.  Car is still the same today, aside from magnesium Halibrands. Here is a quick rundown:  Steel body, doors, and deck. Glass boards and fenders. Stock frame, boxed w/ extra crossmembers and a cage. Stock front axle on 2 inch over springs. 9" Ford rear, 3:50 gearset on a 4-link. Blown 454 and a TH-400 tranny.

I have this vintage 63 Chevy Impala Gasser. We were looking through the Gasser Wars book and found a pic of a car called "Mother's Worry" and were wondering if this is the car because it has a lot of the same features. In the process of putting this car back on the road this summer, back to the vintage style.  The car is almost done being painted and will be pretty wild.  It had some gold metalflake paint under the primer that was on the car when I bought it.

Thanks, Jason Malmsten.

Hmmm...Like Father...like Son!  Looks like it's going to be pretty cool, Jason.

Hi. I'm Tim Leek. I sent you some pics of my 53 Chevy club coupe. I just traded a 29 Ford Roadster for it and I like the crap outta it. It's been together for a real long time, and I'd like to update a few things. I want it to stay nostalgic, but there's a few things I need to learn, and items I need to find. this place looks like a great place to start. thanks, Tim Leek

454, TH400 w/10in. conv., 57 chevy R.E. and 373 gears. body is rock solid and paint is 25 years old.

Hi Byron,
I've been a regular visitor to your excellent website for a couple of years now and have been an avid gasser fan for as long as I can remember.
I've got an Austin Pickup that is street legal and can run nine second quarters. I'd really like to join your mail list to talk with like minded people, coming from England we don't have the quantity of people into gassers so it would be good to share my passion for the old days with others from the States.
I've attached a picture of the truck to let you see what its like.
Ray Irish (Great Britan)


Byron, my old 55 is on its way back to Calif. Its all due to your great site, and fate. I've been looking for over 30 years and I found it on your site.  Your lost and found section works. I was lost and it found me. I'm attaching a photo of it. Thanks ever so much.   Steve Hudson
PS---The track was Lions in Long Beach, in 1970

Note:  This car is also shown as "Run Red Run" in the bottom photo.  It was in this condition when Ron Malmsten found and purchased it.  Kudos to Ron for seeing it got back into Steve's hands.
Joe Troilo has a nice collection of wheels.  A 32 Ford Cabriolet, a 70 BB Chevelle, a 57 Chevy 150 sedan, a 40 Chevy coupe and a 41 Willys coupe.  Oh, by the way, the 41 Willys just happens to be the original "Swindler" of Stone, Woods & Cook fame.  converted to a street rod in the 70's, Joe is currently restoring it to "as-raced" condition.  Fortunately, Joe had saved the original, unique, interior from the car!

Terje "TJ" Fjellhaug has these 3 (and a few others, I think) in Norway.

Here's what he says about them:

This is my 39 Ford standard Tudor with 350 hi perf engine, 4 speed auto.

Here is my 29 steel roadster. This is my daily driver from March to October. I live as north as Anchorage in Alaska, so I usually have a illness called "Roadster Flu" all summer.

This is my steel project 40 Willys coupe with a 392 hemi.

Rex Marshall's 55 Chevy
HI Byron. Attached are photos of Mike Mitchell`s Hamberis & Mitchell "World`s Fastest Hippy" 33 Willys now in Liverpool England with Gas-Fx Member, Paul Kennedy.
"Flyin' Phil" Elliott
Here's Mike Hanlon's 33 Willys...oops, wait a minute, Mike sold it...but it's okay.  He sold it to Dave Cornnell and he's a Gas-FX member too!

AI body, Pro-Willys tilt nose, Martz chassis, 6-71 blown 350, turbo trans, 9"Ford rear, American front wheels and ET-III rears.

Peter Broadribb, our very own "Madbrit" ex-patriot, is currently restoring Gene Moody's Indy-winning (four times!) and National Record holding 55 Chevy D/Gasser.  The yellow 56 is Jim Lamatrice's NHRA N/Stock  Winternationals winner.
Ralph Meiser and his brother were part of the Ohio gasser contingent, competing with their 55 Chevy C/Gasser.
Junior Patrick's current project Willys and his Anglia.
Brandon Bowling
Byron, all I have are pictures of my stockers which I will forward, and you can use them if you want. I sure wish I had some pictures of my first Race car that I put together in 1958 , 49 Ford business coupe with a 354 Hemi, w/roller cam and 6x2 bbls on a log manifold, LaSalle trans and Olds rear end. Daily driver and ran in C/GAS. Back in those days it was a fast car and had a lot of fun on the street if know what I mean. A real sleeper. The 62 Ford was light blue to start with, the pic when it had the fat lettering, then painted chestnut and then back to light blue before selling in 69. The Mercury cyclone was a factory deal with Lincoln/ Mercury. Post what you want and I am thanking you in advance for all the effort you have done to make this a great website.
Many thanks,
FE Bob Fermier
My 301 Chevy powered Austin A40.
I got it from a realtor after a lien sale on a house he got when the owner left town in a hurry. I have changed engines, tranny. paint and seats. Also had to rewire it and change gas tank when I got it.  Randy Waugh in San Rafel got car out of a junk yard and it was painted white with green flames.
Dean Court
Wayne Franks, Sr. has a really nice 29 A pickup.  Wayne was also partners on the Franks & Hosman fueler in 1968.
Charlie Gilmore recently restored Junior Thompson's Opel Kadett.  If you like it, it could be yours!  Check out the For Sale Pages on Gasser Madness!
It is great being a member of the Gasser Madness group. My almost finished '41 Willys is a creation in the likeness of a low buck early '60's era street driven gasser. Primer, straight axle w/Ansen wheels, dual carbed, fenderwell headers Chevy 385" stroker, 4 speed, 8" piecrust cheater slicks on steel wheels, white w/red trim pleated interior.
Glenn Hayes
Champion Racing Plugs
Fel Pro Performance Gaskets
Speed Pro Performance Engine Parts
Chuck Corder

1948 ProStreet Anglia
355cu.in. smallblock Chevy
6:71 GMC blower w/ dual 625cfm Carters
350 Turbo w/ 2500 stall converter
3:55 posi equipped Ford 9" rear

Attached are a few pics of a project I just got on the road after 2-1/2 years of weekend work. It is an all-fiberglass '48 Anglia. It has a home-built 2x3 mild steel frame, 14-point cage, tubular IFS and narrowed Ford 9 inch with Aldan coilovers at both ends, 4-wheel disc brakes, full-roller 458 BBC with Edelbrock heads and intake, Demon 850 carb and Turbo 400 with 3500 stall TCI converter.
This is the first car I've ever built and actually started the project owning only hand tools, a cordless drill and a sabre saw. Needless to say, I had to acquire a fair amount of tools in the process. The only work on the car I have not done myself have been the narrowing of the Pinto rack and the welding of the aluminum 10-gallon fuel tank (Bill Scribner), the building of the short block (Dale Green), and the fabrication of the bare frame (Tom Anwyll).
Kevin Youngs
Kent, WA
"King Kong" is back! It's been restored by Carlos and Mary Cedeno.
Bill Wilson & Gary Kleckner's Chevado
Tim and Diane Burns
Dave Hales has re-acquired and restored his record-holding Willys, part of the famous (or is that infamous) S&S Racing team.
Don Dunham restored the Brasher & Cummings 33 Willys and subsequently sold it.  Unfortunately it was subsequently crashed and at last report was being restored as a street rod.
Phil Quinto has the Jim Kirby "Challenger" Willys
L.D. Danner.  Cool Anglia and Ford Starliner.
Speedy Bob" Nevins.  Here's a few more beautiful Willys.
Larry Thompson
Dave Love is currently restoring the "Hairy Canary" Willys pickup, well-known in the Northwest in the 60's
You Eastern Gasser fans ought to know Rocky Pirrone.  Here's photos of his current cars, some of his past rides, and his dad, Joe Pirrone's, rides as well.
Here's another piece of drag racing history in the hands of a Gas-FX member.  Tom Willford has the original body from the (in)famous "Football" Austin of Big John Mazmanian.  Here's another piece of history that's currently on the Gasser Madness For Sale pages.  Tom is also the guy who restored the Ron Bizio A/GS Willys pickup now owned by Jeff Cryan and his partner.

I asked Tom what others he's had.  Here's his response:

Most do not know that I had at one time owned not only the Bizio truck and Mazmanian Austin but the flip top Herrera Austin. Found the Herrera car in Portland eventually sold to Charlie O'Neill, who later sold to Mr. PAW.  Currently own the Coleman Brothers dragster, "Unknown" blown 354 Chrysler front engine dragster, Maz's Austin, chopped all steel '33 Willys coupe and a 455 3x2 powered 1961 Pontiac Ventura. Tom Willford

Barbara Hamilton-Advey
Tommy Shaw
Bruce Boardman
Bill Sworm
Tom Anwyll
Bob Cohen
Tom Nowicki bought the "Haulin' Ass" 56 Chevy a while back and dropped a blown smallblock in it.  Seems to go nicely with his other 56 and his 57 convertible.
Phil Sonner
Bart Mangrum
Shawn Shirley
Bob Willis

Here's what Dennis Friend has to say about his Chevy Coupe. "Had it since 1968, won an outstanding achievement award at the Street Rod Nationals, won class and best coupe award at the Chicago McKormick Place ISCA show, and was part of the 40th US Nationals Caravan. Also featured in Super Chevy magazine."

JR Mora had a pretty fine looking 65 GTO (and a pretty ratty looking whateverthatis behind it!)
Barry Kashar has a blown 392 Chrysler in his street Willys.
Bob Plumer of Drag Racing Memories had the dubious pleasure of having his butt kicked by the Malco Super Vette while driving his B/MP Chevy II at 75 & 80 Dragway in Frederick, MD in July of '69.
John "Trouble" Cassiol's currently restoring the Jim Oddy Austin.
Don Benedict runs a pair of Darts. A blue 69 Factory 440 Dart and a pink 68 Dart running either a crossrammed Hemi or a 500 inch 440.  Don wanted to go Gasser racing though so he built a 42 Willys sedan to go to Thompson with in 2002.  Immediate low ten's were the result.  If you can't tell from the paint job, Don's a big fan of the old Charlie Hill "Filthy Forty" Willys.

Update:  Don informs me that the pink Dart is sold.  Check out his other 42 Willys sedan, though.

Dick Wittenebel ran a pretty nice E/S Dart.
Bud LeFevre is building his Malibu to run NHRA and AHRA M/SA.
Bryan Hanofee's "Under Pressure" Willys
Scott Chehowski's very cool Studie.
Skitch Skazem is trying to find some history on his Studebaker ex-gasser.

Vic Young wrote the following about his "Bad News" Willys:

’40 real steel body and doors, ’41 glass tilt front-end, rear fenders and trunk, ’58 Ford mesh grille, Porsche India red, acrylic enamel, Motivation by mechanical 2 port Hilborn injected, 6-71 huffed 355 Chevy, Hurst Comp. Plus shifted M -21 Muncie, Olds/Pontiac 4.56 rear-end
Drilled & chromed Willys axle, 5.60x15 rubber on 4”x15” American magnesium front rims, 10.50x15 M&H on 8.5”x15” American aluminum rear rims, Full roll cage, Original 60’s gauges, Autographed dash by many famous legends.
Unique feature: a timeless nostalgic Gasser – that makes a lot of noise


  First place wins at many shows
Goodguys Gasser Pick (several times)
Best Willys (Crusin’ for a Cure)

Featured in:

  ’92 Hot Rod magazine’s swim suit edition
’97 Street Rodder magazine
Hot Rods by Rob Wagner
Cruisin’ by Witzel & Bash
Poster, calendars and T shirts by Kent Bash
2002 calendar by Scott Williamson Photo Design
Johnny Lightning 1/64 scale model in ‘02

Hope this gives some color to the car, though not too humble…

That's okay Vic...not sure I'd be very humble about it either!

Steve Tanzella
Chuck Pacini and his brother bought the ex-Kohler Bros "King Kong" A/GS Anglia and campaigned it as the "Showdown" gasser. Using various blown and unblown engine combinations, they ran it successfully until NHRA finally beat all the gassers by eliminating the class.
Tiny Eglit runs the Eastern circuit with his blown '55 Chevy, competing with Rocky Pirrone and Bryan Hanofee, among others. Check out Tiny's HELLFIRE website.
Rick Procter from Ontario Canada has a 39 Fiat that won BB/A at the 66-67 Nationals.  It's now a very cool street machine.
Since he couldn't really race his 62 bubbletop at the Thompson Gasser Reunion, Eric Carlson decided to build a car he could run there.  The period correct 55 Chevy was the result, netting him high nines first time out!  Way to go Eric!
Micky Hale
Dave Hartshorne's "Cha-Ching" Anglia
Greg Koesel's "Frenchtown Flyer" powered by an inline Ford six that runs 13's on street tires.
Bob Cohen
Gordon Crowe got the bug real bad.  A street Anglia and an A/GS blown Willys
Brad Studely
Marc Levine has Junior Thompson's blown Prefect.  Helluva street ride!  By the way...it's in the Gasser Madness For Sale pages too!
Ken Kull and his dad restored the famous Hill Brothers' "Red Baron" 33 Willys.  He built the "Red Baron II" 33 Willys pickup as a stablemate so he could go do some real racing without risking a classic.
Ed Kuhn's 33 Willys, his 41 Willys and his Anglia.  All of them have, of course, Nash 5-speeds!
Ron Malmsten has his own Gasser Museum with Virgil Cates' Willys,  the Panella Anglia, the Fred Hurst Barracuda, an Airosa Brothers tribute car. Ron purchased the Lloyd & Lloyd Willys pickup in August of 2003, renamed it "The Barnstormer" and will be campaigning it starting in 2004.  Ron also had the "Run, Red, Run" 55 Chevy until September of 2003 when he sold it back to it's original owner, Steve Hudson (elsewhere on this page).

January 2004 update:  Ron sold the Airoso Bros. tribute car and picked up the "Duffy's Toy" A/G Willys.  Ron now owns 2 of the best original, unrestored gassers around!

March 2004: See the 33 in the upper left for the answer to January's question "What's next Ron?"

The Mallicoat Brothers, famous for their turbocharged gassers in the 60's, now campaign a blown Barracuda in the GoodGuys VRA series.  It's fast!
The father & son team of Jack and John Olcott did a beautiful restoration of the record-holding Russo & Santo Willys sedan...and this is a race car that runs great.

Jack also races "The Iron Peddler" N/SS Plymouth.

The blue and white 40 Willys is Jack's street rod..."it's the former Bill Boer B/G car out of the Jack Merkel camp. I have owned this car since 1983 and have painted it 3 times!"

The white and pink sedan is John Olcott's street rod.

Winner of A/Gas at the first two (2002 & 2003) Gasser Reunions at Thompson, Dave McCauley's 41 is a stout piece!
Eric Rath
Gary Wright

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